As we are an online perfumery, we want to offer you the opportunity to have a Perfumery at Home. Therefore, in each order, whether for decants of 5 ml or perfumes (30, 50, 60, 75 or 100 ml), you can tell us which perfumes you want to try (you can choose between all fragrances on the website, except Marble Oud and Bortnikoff attars); If you are not sure, you can tell us your tastes or let us surprise you.

The samples are 0.3 ml and we prepare them at the time we prepare your order.

Where can I indicate the perfumes I want to try with my order?

You can tell us the samples you have chosen in the Samples” section found on the Payment Page, just below the Order Notes” section; as indicated in the image on the right.

How many samples can I choose?

Orders up to 50€ – 3 samples.

Orders between 50€ & 100€ – 9 samples.

Orders between 100€ & 200€ – 12 samples.

Orders between 200€ & 300€ – 18 samples.

Orders between 300€ & 400€ – 27 samples.

Orders over  400€ – 36 samples.

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