“Eva Kant” is a fragrance dedicated to a fiction character that exerts its thousand shades charm in comics, movies and TV serials. As “Eva Kant”, elusive thief, masks her identity to accomplish her perfect steals, so the scent is able to change and evolve its olfactory characteristics while you are wearing it, eluding, even openly challenging the “rules”; for this it is called the “criminal fragrance”.




“Eva Kant” has enjoyed critical acclaim by the specialized media, which recognized its originality and diversity that make it a small modern classic, destined to “last” beyond time and fashions because it can disregard the rules.

The debut with bitter and pungent notes of grapefruit and cardamom, barely masked by the more gentle lavender, seduces and deceives, weaving a lurking for our senses that reveals itself only when they emerge moist forest woods. “Eva” takes us to one of her hiding places, the dark mysticism of the myrrh, the warmth of the sandalwood and the spicy ginger in which the magnolia and ylang ylang move, trying to hide their presence, give us a feeling of danger, of fear, but we cannot give up it, drugged by the charm of that femme létal. Finally, we come to light again, with Roman chamomile and vanilla, before a liberating benzoin.


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Familia Olfativa

Oriental Spiced




5 ML, 50 ML

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