Vesna Cologne



“Vesna Cologne” is a sweet, fresh and completely wearable homage to the classic “eau de cologne” with a non-traditional list of notes repurposed to create the illusion of a classic citrus EDC. The sunshine of fresh lemon oil is at the forefront of the fragrance; later, “Vesna Cologne” delights us with an enticing decoction of softly smoky black tea and a spicy tomato leaf, sweetened with bright pineapple. Soft and refreshing magnolia dominates the heart, while at the base is a richly woody, spicy and robust cypriol (nagarmotha) note.


Top Notes: Lemon, Black Tea and Tomato Leaves.

Middle Notes: Pineapple and Magnolia.

Base Notes: Extracted Nuts and Nagarmotha.


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