Lao Oud



I have made many compositions with oud: each has its own unique character. However, the oud note in my fragrances had never been so powerful and animalic before the launch of the new “Lao Oud”. Six months ago, a magnificent oil from Laos fell into my hands: it smelled of honey and flowers with a characteristic animalic note.
I have been lucky enough to visit Laos more than 20 times. This is a beautiful small and hospitable country, where time seems to have stood still at the end of the 19th century. Therefore, remembering numerous trips to Laos, I almost immediately found the main harmonies of the composition, which was based on “Lao Oud” oil. This oil smells very similar to the Indian one, but is much milder. I completed it with the notes of beautiful Lao coffee, frangipani flowers, the smell of incense that comes from many ancient monasteries in Laos and fresh spices: cinnamon and pink pepper. Thus appeared the new “Lao Oud”, a walk in Vientiane, an ancient city on the Mekong River, the noisiest and most animalic coffee-like fragrance of the “Bortnikoff Parfums” collection.


Top Notes: Pink Pepper and Magnolia.

Middle Notes: Beeswax Absolute, Cinnamon, Chamomile, Balsam of Peru and Cocoa Absolute.

Base Notes: Lao Oud, Tonka Bean, Crocodile Wood, Coffee, Indian Oud, Vanilla Absolute, Birch Tar and Guaiac Wood.


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