“Our creations are highly concentrated and use real essential oils. This gives our fragrances their unmistakable character.

My love for good fragrances started in the early seventies. At this time, there were still excellent, even exceptional, fragrances that could be bought in traditional perfume stores. With the passage of time, the idea emerged that perfumes should be geared towards driving the purchase decision with an attractive exit note. When I discovered niche fragrances, which corresponded much more to my idea of ​​exquisite compositions, I made the decision to create my own fragrances; so I followed my intuition to develop fragrances with valuable and real ingredients that have their future in the past. They are not conventional fragrances, but independent compositions with character.

I start by creating through spontaneous inspiration, I write down the components and then I elaborate the fragrances. After several months of maturing in a dark glass and in a cool place, I evaluate the smell, I feel it and perceive it: Does the recipe need fundamental changes? How do other people perceive the fragrance? Does it have the potential to introduce it?

At the end of the process, I have to be completely convinced to be able to fill the newly created fragrance and bring it to market”.

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