Thanks to the passion we share for perfumery, we are fortunate to meet many of you who, in many cases, are in very distant places. This is the case of Ramiro, an Argentine living in the beautiful commune of Pirque, in our beloved Chile. A person of exquisite manners, good conversation and great human quality.

Ramiro masters several disciplines, among which is artistic painting. In one of our many conversations, he offered to capture some memory of my childhood on canvas in order to present me with an artwork for our friendship.

My Memory:

In the middle of the last century, a natural fertilizer composed of sodium nitrate was marketed in Spain, coming from Chile itself. In many towns and cities you could see the iconic image of the silhouette of a rider on horseback, on a yellow background in a ceramic mosaic. It was the famous “Nitrato de Chile”, which, in my childhood, adorned the wall of a house in the Valencian town of Quart de Poblet, neighboring Manises, where I was born.


Some time after expressing my wish to Ramiro, a cardboard cylinder arrived in Malaga inside which was a beautiful canvas of bright colors that contained every last detail, as was the case of the grooves of the tiles in the original ceramics. I have to confess that I was fascinated with the result.

The project:

After showing Ramiro my gratitude and admiration, I asked him about the possibility of making a collaboration. I had other works in mind and I wanted to know if he would be able to do them and allow them to be exhibited in our store. Luckily, he was delighted to agree, in addition to offering pieces from his private collection to expand the offer.

The collections:

– Memories: These are works created exclusively for Ecuación Natural in limited stock, but which can be requested on request. –

Ciudades del Viento: Series created from 2008 to date, with limited stock per year. Made in oil, some with interventions with gilding on the leaf or thread seams in the details.




Ramiro Matías Folz is an Argentine artist, photographer and designer based in Chile. He participated in group and individual exhibitions and international fairs in his native country, having work acquired by individuals in destinations such as the United States, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Israel, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina.

“My brushes and spatulas have traveled for 21 years through realistic and surreal ideas, capturing beauty, detail, balanced energy management and visual impact. Reaching people’s emotions through my images generates full happiness in me.”  


Ramiro M. Folz

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