Many of my perfume creations are very influenced by periods of history, romantic and literary concepts, nature, people and works of art; like a painting or a piece of poetry, are the fragments that are extracted from these muses that combine and do something completely new.

When creating a perfume, I think of colors, textures and places. I imagine the people who can use the fragrance and I hope the perfume helps them conjure their own unique and personal allusions.

The use of exceptional materials in my work allows for the greatest inspiration and the three perfumes I have created for Papillon are illuminated by simplicity and free of tricks.

This collection embodies my personal philosophy that honesty and integrity will inevitably create something beautiful.

Perfume is the perfect expression of metamorphosis; transforming exotic raw materials into captivating fragrances can take you out of the ordinary and transport you to the extraordinary. It is the ultimate personal luxury; the perfume is sensual, seductive, glamorous and expressive. It has the ability to recover deep memories, remove the soul and, nevertheless, remain an intrinsic part of ourselves.

When Papillon was founded in 2011, our goal was to create perfumes that were evocative and unique, using only the best materials in the industry. Our compositions are produced using classical methods, mixed in small batches and are completely handmade. As a small craft company, we can use rare and expensive ingredients in all our creations and we have obtained these absolutes and high quality oils from all corners of the world.

Exquisitely composed, all the perfumes of the collection are spirits with a very high concentration of pure extract.

All our perfumes are androgynous, since we believe that there are no gender limits when using a perfume.

The aim of Papillon is to continue with the beauty and tradition of the ancient art of the manufacture of perfumes in the 21st century.

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