“Bortnikoff” went on sale in 2018. The nose of this brand is Dmitry Bortnikoff, a man of passions, both as a qualified architect and professional distiller of essential oils. He has spent a lot of time in Asia, a continent that places great emphasis on perfume; gradually, he began to master the art of distillation and he places his craft and customer satisfaction over everything else.

All “Bortnikoff” perfumes are released in a limited series, notas a tribute to fashion; but as a partnership with 85% to 100% natural ingredients. A composition that cannot be repeated, an aroma that cannot be recreated.

“It is impossible to find trees with the same smell and also distill them. Each piece will have its own unique aroma and will have a different smell depending on the season, the amount of precipitation and the air temperature during flowering”.           

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